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Stanislowo Agricultural Center

We have established and continue to fund innovative new efforts at a unique facility in the Polish countryside that includes a farm, industrial kitchen, and a facility for school visits.  This is a working farm that employs more than 45 blind and disabled people who actively run the farm, as well as man the industrial kitchen that provides hot lunches to four local schools on a for-profit basis. This institution is certified organic, and financially self-sustaining. It is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Our newest project is the management of newly renovated hotel and rehabilitation facility in north-eastern Poland. Freshly reconstructed by the European Union, we have won a management contract for the facility with the commitment to staff it with at least forty disabled and blind individuals, and to provide therapy to the disabled in its state-of-the-art facilities.  Working closely with local authorities, we have already opened for business and are expanding monthly.

Krzyzewo Hotel & Rehabilitation Faclity

Industrial Laundry

We have established an industrial laundry that employs the disabled and provides on a for-profit basis laundry facilities to commercial establishments in Warsaw.

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